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Hello Good Lunchers!

By now, you’re probably aware that Burmese food is a big thing here. Back in ’92, the scene was introduced to the traditional flavors of Myanmar when the locally beloved Burma Superstar opened its first spot here in the city. Ever since, they’ve taken the Bay by storm expanding to Oakland and Alameda and, more recently, to the Mission. While Burmese cuisine has roots here that go back to the sixties brought over by large groups of refugees who emigrated here, Burma Love is a direct relative of Burma Superstar, and continues to build our wide South Asian palette. In their own words, Burma Love picks up where Burma Superstar has left off, expanding and deepening the Myanmar cuisine experience “by introducing classic dishes that are shared at family feasts,” and are “more spicy and a bit more concentrated in flavor” with a deeper emphasis on seafood.

Considered a harmonious blend of Chinese, Indian and Thai cuisines, Burmese
food is generally a melange of more mild curries, thick hearty soups, and super dynamic, innovative salads. In general, it is less sweet than Thai, and tends towards the more sour and savory. It’s also usually more pungent, veering into the realm of Chinese with its use of fish sauce and different pastes, de-emphasizing the spicy flare you get in Indian. And Burma Love, like Burma Superstar, does their country proud.

If you’re late to the table on this one, no better time to try these delicious flavors than today over lunch with your team, all around a table dishing it up together family style, sampling all the complexities and unique specialties that have knitted Burmese family culture together for centuries. Start with the Tea Leaf and Rainbow salads (they’re incredible!), and then mix it up with a bunch of different curries and vegetable dishes. Seriously, the menu is incredibly deep, varied, and we just can’t say enough about this kind of comfort food.

We’re psyched to have Burma Love in our corner, and hope you’ll dive into their amazing food whenever you wish. Just login to your account, call or text us. We’ll set you up! As always you can call or email us and let us know what you need.

Happy Lunching!

Good Lunch


p.s. Do you have repeating and scheduled lunches? Let us help you with them.

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