Pinsa from Montesacro

Good morning Good Lunchers!

As you know, San Francisco is chock full of Italian restaurants, from classic old school red sauce joints, to the tourist traps in North Beach that boast being the gateway to the Bay’s original local Italian cuisine. With no shortage of pizza ovens around town either, choosing a truly good casual spot can be a tricky hit n miss at best. So, one question: have you ever had pinsa?

It is said ‘pinsa’ represents the true origin of ‘pizza’ based on a completely different imported dough that dates back to a peasant preparation from ancient Rome. Everything rests on a fire crusted wheat flatbread, that is an amazing balance of crunchy and airy with a soft gnocchi-like center rather than the thick heavy doughs you typically get with most modern pizzas. It’s healthier and easier to digest, too. And no one in town is doing it better, if at all, than Montesacro.

That’s why we’re so excited to tell you about this secret gem, which may be the most original new addition to the Italian food scene here in years. Located in the Tender-Mid-Ma area, it’s already getting nods for its authentic Roman style plates. The most popular is the Montesacro pinsa, topped with lightly charred ribbons of fresh kale, sliced pepperoncini, and a light layer of garum, a very popular fermented fish sauce that gives an amazing earthy, salty flavor. It’s delicious! When they say food has the ability to transport us from place and time, perhaps no food promises this better, or delivers more so than Italian. And perhaps nothing does this more so than pinsa.

Montesacro also serves up cheeseless and vegetarian pinsas for those who prefer. Each is generally sized for one, so be sure to dish up some antipasti as well. They have great insalates. Seriously, for your next pizza party, surprise your office crew with a few pinsas. This place will change the way you think about pizza. It’s ancestral, epic simplicity is a real treat and homage to pizza’s very roots!

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