Have Your Cake and Eat It Too!

Dear Good Lunchers,

Much of what we strive to offer is the best quality and affordable meals that can be ordered and delivered with total convenience . At the end of last year, we announced a new Party & Large Event┬áplanning service. This year, we continue to expand by rounding out all of the meals and event planning options with one exceptional addition: cakes! What party isn’t complete without a truly delicious and memorable cake?

We’re not talking about any old cakes, either. We’re tickled to introduce you to Whole Cakes.

In their own words, “All of us are watching carefully what we eat in our meals and we expect the same freshness and wholesome ingredients in our desserts.” And they’ve got the sweets to walk their talk, too. They’re doing something really special, and we’ve done the legwork to vouch for it. How about a Sweet Potato Mousse filled Cake? Or, a Triple Carrot and Apple? That’s just the beginning. One of their signatures is a Green Tea Cake, but wait until you try their Red Bean and Pistachio. Of course, they would be credible without a gluten free Almond Honey Cake, and yes, it rocks! Seriously, we have been busy taste testing these for you and all are truly original and absolutely to die for.

Login to Good Lunch, drop us an email or call or text us at 415-294-1186, and we will take care of everything!

Happy Lunching!

Good Lunch


p.s. Do you have repeating and scheduled lunches? Let us help you with them.

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