Announcing Breakfast Delivery!

Good day Good Lunchers,

In case you haven’t noticed, several of our restaurants include yummy breakfast options and morning treats in addition to their lunch menus. Since we’ve received so much interest from you, we will now be able to deliver a range of breakfasts and brunches on a regular basis, starting as early as 8:30AM. Yay! Brreeaakkkfaaaasst.

Everyone knows how important the first meal of the day is, so don’t let your crew miss breakfast any more. What if you could have that Sunday-style plateful of hearty, eggy, goodness made for your team on any day of the week? If you know a particular lunch day is going to be shortened by an upcoming hectic day, why not consider a brunch instead?

Our restaurants can bring you all your classic favs, from fluffy California-style omelets and breakfast burritos and sandwiches, to syrupy banana pancakes with sides of crispy bacon and grilled mushrooms. For something less ravenous, we’ve got a complete baker’s dream kitchen full of flaky pastries and brioches from the one-of a kind Cocola Bakery at your disposal. Or, just grab a bagel and schmeer platter from Shorty Goldstein’s classic Jewish deli-who doesn’t love a fresh, made-from-scratch bagel from time to time? On the lighter side, we have yogurt parfaits and fresh fruit plates to bring your team every morning just to add that refreshing morning snack.

Let us give you a boost by helping you get started on the right foot each day. From now on, you should also think of us as Good Brunch! If you wish, you can set up your account to have morning deliveries on a regular basis. Just sort the menus on our website by ‘Breakfast’ and shoot us an email, we’ll take care of the rest!

Happy Lunching!

Good Lunch


p.s. Do you have repeating and scheduled lunches? Let us help you with them.

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