A Beefless Burger

Hey there Good Lunch fans!

As you know, a good burger isn’t difficult to find in our city. Every casual menu includes one. And there are enough menus out there serving only burgers to keep you searching for the best one for days. With access to the best quality grass fed meats from farms nearby, and a large strictly vegetarian culture here as well, predictably, the burger scape has become a wild canvas for design and innovation.

So, adding an original take to the scene might seem daunting. Enter Big Chef Tom’s Belly Burgers. A burger not only without fear, but just the right amount of twist that doesn’t veer recklessly into the realm of reinvention. To start, there’s no beef. Literally! He’s pretty much concocted the best all ground pork belly burgers you’ll ever try. And padded them in a soft billowy bun with all the right flavors to go with ’em. And they have been thoroughly vetted, too.

Tom comes from Food Network fame where he had his own TV show for years before launching a hugely successful food truck that eventually landed his famous bites on the catering dockets of Yelp, Dropbox, and Craigslist, to name a few. Take a look at this menu: the gist? Choose from either ground pork belly, chicken thigh, or a spirited vegetarian patty, and flavor with fixings from around the world. We’re talking everything from rosemary mayo and Vietnamese caramel sauces, to cumin dressings and serano lemon jams. Wow. There are lots of really yummy sides to go with them-but, whatever you do, don’t miss out on the slaw!

Just shoot us an email or text us your order at 415-294-1186, and we will take care of the rest. You can also login to Good Lunch today and order that way if you prefer.

Happy Lunching!

Good Lunch


p.s. Do you have repeating and scheduled lunches? Let us help you with them.

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