The Godfather of the Italian Sandwich

Good Day Good Lunchers,

San Francisco is known for many great sandwiches combining tastes from all over the world. But, if one stands out, not only as an all-time great but representing the city better than any, it has got to be the ‘Renzo Special‘ from the old-school Italian deli in North¬†Beach, known to all, simply as, Molinari. We are very pleased to be able to add this hall-of-fame deli to our growing list of great, diverse, and historic restaurants for you to choose from.

Founded in 1896, Molinari has remained one of the city’s oldest food markets and an absolute local institution, carrying on the great artisanal heritage of Italian style sausage making better than anyone else this side of the nation. Italians in Italy brag about it, while tourists from all over write home about it. Four generations old now, this family owned deli and salami purveyor survived the fires from the 1906 earthquake, and has racked up fame with visits from the likes of Lauren Bacall, Humphrey Bogart, and Alfred Hitchcock. Back in the day, Molinari was so special to Joe DiMaggio-the baseball legend-he apparently had the deli cater his own funeral reception!

Molinari is just about the furthest thing from the standard knock-off Italian Deli. This is the O.G. of the Italian deli, and what it serves is the Godfather of the Italian sandwich.

The Renzo is a finely sliced layer of prosciutto that blends into elegant slices of marbled coppa, laced with just the right amount of smoke, spice, and chewy texture. And it all lays on a bed of soft “hot” or “mild” mozzarella with sweet sun-dried tomatoes running through it. It’s as traditional as it gets!

Of course, the Renzo isn’t the only option. There are 36 different types of sandwiches¬†to choose from. Just shoot us an email or text us your order at 415-294-1186, and we will take care of the rest. You can also login to Good Lunch today and order that way if you prefer.

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