A Tropical Food Trifecta

Dear Good Lunchers,

We know how difficult it can be to find new, healthy affordable lunches in the FiDi, and how options nearby can become limited. Eating should never boil down to routine habit but, instead, should be about constant adventuring and trying new foods, right?

This week’s tip is all about the South Pacific. Bamboo Asia is a small, made-to-order restaurant that’s starting to buzz. It’s simple: they’ve taken the classic flavors of India, Japan, and Vietnam, and put them onto three mini-menus all tied together by a customization of gluten-free wraps, bowls, sushi, and salads. Just check out their yummy list of choices! There are so many spicy and veggie options to try, all for under ten bucks, we guarantee you won’t get bored of this spot any time soon.

Started by a co-founder of HackCancer, a network of young philanthropic entrepreneurs and health-tech workers that connects people to local charities, Bamboo Asia is definitely a part of the family! It’s a perfect quick-casual insertion of tasty health-conscious food into the hectic frenzy of San Francisco’s crowded lunchscape. They’re open for dinner, and cater, too. Apparently, a breakfast menu and Happy Hour cocktails with Asian style tapas are on the horizon!

Drop us an email or call or text us at 415-294-1186, and we will take care of everything. Or, just login to Good Lunch today and place an order there. It’s super easy!

Happy Lunching!

Good Lunch


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