Get Shorty!

Dear Good Lunchers,

Sandwiches and Lunch.  A match made in heaven!  Who doesn’t dream about home-made pastrami on fresh baked rye bread with oodles of coleslaw just like mama used to make?  We’re sure all you sandwich lovers will be just as excited as we are to hear about the latest Good Lunch restaurant addition: Shorty Goldstein’s.

 We love this place and we know that you will too! Brought to us by owner and chef, Michael Siegel, this restaurant is a real family affair.  The name is taken from his Grandmother, lovingly called “Shorty” by his Grandfather for barely reaching four foot ten. Siegel’s cuisine is the perfect union of traditional Jewish Deli, passed on through generations of his family, and modern artisanal styles, all brought together with fresh, seasonal ingredients from local producers.

Choose Shorty Goldstein‘s with Good Lunch and you can expect to chow down on mouth-watering dishes like Grandma Goldstein’s potato knish or the famous Pastrami Sandwich, made with rich and tender brisket that has been soaked, smoked and steamed by Shorty’s themselves. In fact pretty much everything is made in house, by hand, from scratch, even down to the pickles and mustard. 

So for your next office lunch or event, be sure to make it Shorty Goldstein’s. To order, just login to Good Lunch today or call or email us and we’ll do it all for you.  Trust us, you’re in for a real treat!  

Happy Lunching!

Good Lunch


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