The Story of Africa Meets Mediterranean Meets California

Dear Good Lunchers,

Everything has a story; some short, some long, some interesting, some not so interesting.  Stories exist and simmer in every street name, building, restaurant, and person, some just waiting to be told.  That leads me to tell you about Good Lunch‘s newest restaurant addition, which as you can guess from my introduction, has an amazing story, which will warm the heart, and the belly – Radio Africa & Kitchen.

Now I wouldn’t go into such detail about ANY story, but this is a story of passion and purpose, AND it leads to excellent, nourishing, and unique food.

Radio Africa & Kitchen began in the home of chef Eskender Aseged, a self-made chef from Ethiopia who sought asylum in Sudan in the mid-70’s after escaping Ethiopia.  He worked his way to the US and bussed tables while under the tutelage of respected chefs in New York and San Francisco.  He started his own pop-up restaurant in his home. Three years later his pop-up restaurant grew to serve dinner in a variety of cafes around San Francisco. Now he has is very own restaurant – no more nomadic chef.  And oh the food! Radio Africa & Kitchen is a fusion of sorts; Ethiopia meets Mediterranean meets Californian.  It’s unique, filling, flavorful and unforgettable.

Chef Aseged cooks seasonal, nutritionally well-balanced meals using organic vegetables, greens, grains, nuts, wild fish, shellfish and fruit, accompanied by fine herbs and spices.  

Here is a sample of Radio Africa & Kitchen‘s menu:

  • Roasted beets & nectarine salad with arugula and sumac
  • Red lentil samosa with goat cheese, collard greens, wild rice & cabbage
  • Short rib tagine with grilled apricots, wild rice & Swiss chard

You won’t be disappointed by the variety of flavor and unique blend of cuisine that makes up Radio Africa & Kitchen’s fare.  So login to Good Lunch and order from Radio Africa & Kitchen for your next meeting or event.  Or call us and we’ll do it all for you.

Happy Lunching!

Good Lunch


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