Ditch the line at The Sentinel!

Dear Good Lunchers,

Outstanding, amazing, top-notch, incredibly delicious, to-die-for! – These are a sample of the adjectives people are using to describe The Sentinel– a humble and spectacular breakfast and lunch spot run by Dennis Leary, (prized chef, not crude actor/comedian), of Canteen fame.  

The Sentinel serves delectable and unmatched freshly baked muffins in the morning, and sensational sandwiches for lunch.  We kid you not; The Sentinel has super powers and their specialty isn’t flying or fighting crime, it’s making sandwiches. Sandwiches that are fresh, bold, piled-high meaty that rival their cousins in the best NY delis.

Their specialty corned beef sandwich seems to be making a name for itself, like a local celebrity.  Here is an ode to The Sentinel’s corned beef sandwich

  • Oh Corned Beef Sandwich, you start with freshly baked bread and sandwich warm, salty corned beef, topped with marinated cabbage that adds a slight crunch and bitterness, mixed with tangy and sweet Russian dressing, with sharp Swiss cheese to top.

The marriage of the above is the perfect balance of flawless flavor and it’s not to be missed, hence the line out the door and around the block, but lucky you, you don’t have to wait in line because we’ll deliver it to you!  So for your next meeting or event think The Sentinel for lunch, believe us, you WON’T be disappointed.  Logon to order or call us and we’ll do it for you.  

Happy Lunching!

Good Lunch


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