Blackwood oh Blackwood…

Dear Good Lunchers,

If you haven’t heard of Blackwood yet pay attention because you’ll be sighing out, “Blackwood…” in your sleep very shortly.

Blackwood offers American Thai fusion and Good Lunch is proud to announce their addition to our fantastic list of restaurants.  Blackwood is artistic, unique fare, which translates into unexpected deliciousness.  I mean, with a menu item called Millionaire’s Bacon – THICK, sweet, juicy, not greasy -how could you go wrong?!

Some of Blackwood’s lunch menu items include one-of-a-kind salads, sandwiches and burgers, stone pot dishes – fusion at its finest, – and street dishes to include the most amazing Pad Thai and curries that you can imagine.  Not to mention an entire breakfast and dinner menu that is too lengthy to list – and too tempting for the taste buds.

So login to Good Lunch and order from Blackwood for your next meeting or event.  Or, as always, call us and we’ll set up everything for you. Blackwood is creative, delectable and does not disappoint.  Like I said though, be warned that you might be moaning their name in the midnight hours…

Happy Lunching!


P.S. We work with any budget. Send us your budget and event information and we send you our recommendations.

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