Take a Spa Day on us!

Good Morning Good Lunchers,

Everyone needs a break, especially you.  We understand that your job is stressful; you run the show and your company would be at a standstill if you were not at the front lines.  We at Good Lunch acknowledge the difficult job you do. Therefore we’ve added a new reward to our Good Lunch points system that we think you might find appealing…

Previously you could only trade in your Good Lunch points for Dining Certificates to any restaurant. We’re pleased to announce that you can now trade in your Good Lunch points for Spa Certificates to any spa in town or out of town. It’s your choice!  Just cash in 5000 points for a $100 Spa Certificate or $100 Dinning Certificate to your favorite spa or restaurant.

If you’re a little shy of the 5000 points then order from Good Lunch for your next meeting or event and start accumulating points that will lead to your next spa day; can’t you hear the soothing spa music and feng shui trickle of water now…?

You deserve to be pampered so we hope you’ll take this opportunity to cash in those points and treat yourself to a spa day.

Happy relaxing AND lunching,

Good Lunch


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