Ozumo’s crowd pleasing noodles

Hello Good Lunchers,

If you ask your average San Franciscan walking around downtown where to find the best sushi, chances are they’re going to say Ozumo.  Their sushi never disappoints.  I could pop them like peanut M&M’s if given the chance.  But Ozumo‘s sushi is not what we’re discussing today; it’s their noodle dishes.  Good Lunch recently added three scrumptious noodle dishes to their extensive Ozumo catering menu.

Ozumo Japanese cuisine is innovative and contemporary.  Their dishes are prepared with bold, intense flavors with an emphasis on high quality, fresh ingredients – hence the deliciousness.  I could write all day about their sushi, but again, we’re talking noodle dishes.  Like Ozumo‘s sushi, the ingredients in their noodle dishes are simple, yet beyond flavorful.  The bold and highest quality ingredients make for some tasty bites.  Check it out:

  • Maguro-Cha Soba Noodle Dish – Cha soba noodles, soy marinated tuna (seriously mouthwatering), radishes, nori, wasabi.
  • Tatsuta Soba Noodle Dish – Buckweat noodles, dry-fried chicken (that’s right, I said fried), shaved cabbage, goma sesame dressing.
  • Yasai Soba Noodle Dish-Green tea noodles, gree beans, crrots, cabbage and tomatoes with wasabi vinaigrette dressing.

So for that next meeting or event there is no need to vacillate between ordering sushi or noodle dishes, you just order both.  Everyone will be blown away because Ozumo can make both amazing sushi AND amazing noodle dishes.  What hungry tummy could ask for more?

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Happy Lunching!

Good Lunch


 P.S. We work with any budget. Send us your budget and event information and we send you our recommendations. 

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