Fang-tastic new addition!

Dear Good Lunchers,

Welcome back and Happy New Year! 

Fang!  It doesn’t necessarily sound like a restaurant that would interest most people – unless you are of the blood-sucking variety – but, believe-you-me, you’ll want to stop whatever it is you’re doing and take note of Fang.

Fang is run by the famous Fang family, of renowned House of Nanking – a San Francisco staple for the last 22 years.  Peter Fang and his daughter Kathy are visionaries and have created something extraordinary and inventive in their newest culinary adventure; Fang.  And – trumpets please – Fang is Good Lunch‘s newest restaurant addition!

Fang embodies both modern and authentic Chinese cuisinesFang‘s menu boasts traditional Chinese dishes, as well as traditional dishes with a twist; dishes with spices and ingredients not commonly found in Chinese cuisine. Here is a slice of the delicious offerings at Fang:

  • Mongolian Beef Tower– beef, scallions, onions, chili, baby corn, and crispy rice noodles. Served with white or brown rice
  • Pan Fried Tofu– yellow curry sauce, tomatoes, onions, and cabbage. Served with white or brown rice
  • Cooling Lettuce Wraps – chicken, tofu, beef, pork, scallop or shrimp.
  • Chinese Steamed Buns braised shortribs, pork, chicken breast or crispy tofu iwth picked veggies, scallions and ginger.
  • Fang’s Cabbage Apple Salad– purple/green cabbage, apple, scallions, sesame dressing

After sampling the delectable goodness that is Fang‘s cuisine, you’ll find yourself waking up in the morning saying, “I need to eat at Fang today.”  The food is truly “fang-tastic.”  You will most certainly agree after ordering from Fang for your next lunch meeting or event.

Login to Good Lunch and order from Fang, or give us a call and we’ll do all the planning and ordering for you.

Happy Lunching!

Good Lunch


P.S. We work with any budget. Send us your budget and event information and we send you our recommendations.

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