Crepes? For lunch?

Dear Good Lunchers,

Let us whisk you away to a simpler time, backpacking through Europe.  Paris, ahh Paris.  You hazily step off an all-night train from Amsterdam and stroll through the Parisian streets tired, dirty, and hungry.  You thankfully stumble upon a crepe street-vendor and place your order.  The crepe is the greatest thing you’ve ever tasted; soft, chewy, warm and melt-in-your-mouth exquisite.  You’re comforted and you now love Paris.  You suddenly have the energy and stamina to continue your trek through the city to find your hostel.

Now that we have your nostalgia brimming we would like to introduce San Francisco‘s own crepe-street vendor: Creperie Saint Germain.  The “healthlicious” creperie that serves delectable, memory-inducing savory and sweet crepes made with organic buckwheat and fresh seasonal ingredients.  Buckwheat is the key traditional ingredient used in French kitchens across the world, so it’ll taste just like the fabulous crepes you enjoyed on the streets of Paris.

Creperie Saint Germain‘s extensive menu offers over 40 different, tremendously delicious, sweet and savory crepes.  Take a peek at their appealing and broad offerings:

Savory Crepes

  • Greek – feta cheese, sundried tomato, caramelized onion, pine nuts, and spinach
  • Chedder cheese, turkey breast, caramelized onion, crème fraiche, mushroom
  • Smoked salmon, cream cheese, capers, green onions, spinach

Sweet crepes

  • Apple sauce, crème fraiche, cinnamon, almonds, caramel sauce
  • Chocolate, banana, coconut, caramel sauce, almonds topped with whipped cream
  • Fresh apple, brown sugar & cinnamon

Crepes are a healthier more unique alternative to the mundane sandwich.  So for your next meeting or event channel your youth and the French nostalgia that exists in us all and order healthy and nourishing crepes from Creperie Saint Germain.  Your coworkers will be filled, satisfied, and longing for the streets of Paris.  Bien sur!

Login to order, or call, email or text us and we’ll do it all for you!

Bon Appetite!

Good Lunch     


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